John Salter plays longest arcade game run in history, breaking two world records

John Salter
Ohio arcade champion John Salter wowed a live streaming audience for days on end as he defeated not one, but two arcade video game world records often thought impossible.
Starting Wednesday morning, April 9, Salter dropped a coin into his Armor Attack arcade game, a 1980 vector title from Cinematronics.  That single quarter lasted until late Saturday night, April 12.  The total playtime of 85 hours, 16 minutes is a new longevity record for a single credit play of a video arcade game, topping the 84 hours, 48 minutes set by Q*bert champion George Leutz early last year.
John survived for that length of time by taking short power naps every 8 to 12 hours at the cost of several hundred extra lives he gained along the way.  Also, to answer the question everyone always asks about these marathon arcade runs:  If he needed to use the bathroom he would do so.
Salter's final score of 2,211,990 points also topples the 2,009,000 point world record set in 1982, one of the longest standing world records in all of video gaming.
A live stream of the entire game was watched here on
A hearty congrats to John.  Look for more on this amazing double achievement after the guy gets some sleep.