Patrick Scott Patterson

Hi! I'm Scott...

At a young age, I decided not to live the kind of life that made me wonder "what if". So for my entire adult life, I've taken a shot at almost everything I've ever wanted to try, could dream of doing, or brought me feelings of passion and joy.

This website covers just some of the adventures I've been on, what I'm doing currently and a little bit about what I have left to do. I hope you'll find it interesting. 

Treasure Hunter

Since 1995, I've dealt in all kinds of rare collectibles, oddities & every day items. In 2017, I made it my full-time job. 

Click the link to learn more about We Got One, based in Denton, TX. 

Dungeons & Dragons find

Film &


For more than two decades, my various passions have been shared on both the large and small screens. 

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Pro Wrestling

From 1998 to 2009, I chased my childhood dreams into the ring. 

Click here to learn about my days as "The Hardcore Kingpin" Scott Phoenix.

Patrick Scott Patterson & Rachel Lara

Other Media

For a number of years I worked the convention circuit and freelanced for a variety of magazines & websites.

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Meeting Nolan Bushnell


A short chat about my personal heroes and what inspired me to meet as many of them as I can.

At the Bean in Chicago

Smell the Roses

All about stopping long enough to savor the various places where I've travelled over time.