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Patrick Scott Patterson: Un-Hyped

I have scars.

Physical. Mental. Emotional.

They make me who I am, which is a human being. Much like you.

We all sometimes make errors in judgement. We all sometimes react to things in the wrong ways. But all we can do is evolve a little more each and every day.

I've hyped a lot on social media over the decades, even before the term "social media" existed and we had to use Geocities and AOL chatrooms. From my wrestling days, I learned the value in a hype machine, and I continued it forward through various business and other walks of life.

But it got out of hand. Then came television people who promised a shot at some things if I did a little more of this and a little less of that. Then came my own habit of wanting to do everything at once.

The end result? Who I was got lost in translation out there. My goals and values became based on public assumptions from an outside view. I over-extended myself both personally and professionally.

I'll flat out say it. The past few years have been challenging for me. Mentally and emotionally draining. Friends and family have passed away. I watched my youngest son battle COVID-19. A longtime stalker took someone's life. My business was essentially assaulted by an unjust lawsuit during a pandemic.

The end result? A pretty raw version of what most people only know as a shameless self-promoter. At this point, I'm pretty much sanded down to the base wood, and working to re-build myself in every possible way.

This blog is going up to reflect that. Long-form ponderings on Facebook and Twitter are quickly lost to the void, but here - in the top search result on Google for my name - they'll last.

This is me. Scarred. Raw. Real. If you want to see the hype machine, click on the menu selections up above here. If you want to see me for who I am, keep checking back from time to time.

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