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Happy Re-Birthday 2021

Scott Phoenix was the name of my second pro wrestling character. I chose that surname after spending most of 2001 out with a neck injury. A total character reinvention, the name was picked to stress the point, noting that I was rising reborn from the ashes.

Little did I think that in 2021 I'd be feeling that way again, but not as part of a wrestling gimmick.

But for real.

Two days after I write and publish this, I will hit my 46th birthday. The last time I honestly celebrated any of my birthdays was when I turned 30. Typically, I've treated every once since as a day where I had an excuse to take a half-day off work and little more.

But not this time.

Those who follow me on social media know the past couple of years have been hard personally, especially the streak from the summer of 2020 to even fairly recently.

13 friends have died in that span, most due to COVID-19. My estranged mother died. My grandmother died. Our cat died. My longtime stalker murdered someone. My business faced - and won - an unjust lawsuit during a pandemic. My youngest son fought COVID himself, then a couple months later broke his arm. It sounds like the longest, most horrible country music song of all time.

But somehow I made it here. I started on a weight loss journey, figuring that while I recover from the emotional and mental stress of all this I can at least get myself back into form physically. I've somehow managed to stay focused on my business all along the way as well.

The stars seem to be aligning ON my birthday as well. I return to doing something I fell out of for years that day. I should hit my weight loss goal right around that day. And whatever I've been sensing as that "bright light that's coming my way" during all this darkness feels imminent as well, as if my birthday is the catalyst for it.

I feel this year it's more of a RE-birth day. Whatever lies for me on the other side of it is going to be different than the steps leading up to it. I feel that in my heart, soul and mind all in unison, and I'm approaching this date with that mindset.

I'll blog about the weight loss journey in more detail when I reach it. To keep tabs on the other things, make sure you hit my social media icons on this very page to follow along.

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