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How - and WHY - I've lost 100 pounds

To say it was a rough time in my life would be... an understatement.

The COVID-19 era was already wearing on us all. Losing friends to it made it worse. Deaths in the family did, too. An unjust lawsuit against my small business during a pandemic was also hard. Long story short, the hits just kept on coming for me all through 2020.

They had been for a couple of years already, but this streak was just too much to bear at times. I'd stress eat. I'd stress drink. I'd basically start treating my body less like a temple and more like a bus stop, and as a result I was up to 330 pounds on my 6'4" tall frame.

By far, my heaviest ever.

To put into perspective, none of these photos were taken at 330 pounds. I'd put ON weight after these photos took place.

So mentally and emotionally, I was drained. Physically, I was shot. Somehow, I kept things going forward with my business and family tasks but it was all I could do most days, and nothing seemed to be keeping me away from it.

Then entered some indirect - but very powerful - inspiration.

If you know anything about me, you know I've been enamored by Drew Barrymore since the summer of 1982. After decades of having the uncanny ability to make me smile or laugh on even my darkest days, she now had a talk show... and the timing was perfect.

Some days the Drew Barrymore Show was the only thing that managed to get me through to the end of my day. Family time would then get me through to the morning, where I woke up again to push myself through the darkest series of events to ever land in my life all at once.

One day, the show made mention of how looking back at where you've been and what you've accomplished can help remind you of where and who you are. I'm sure I'm not quoting that spot on, but the idea is there. And it was apparently what I wanted to hear.

So I did that. I looked back at pictures of me in the summer of 2012, in particular when I walked into events like E3 in Los Angeles and San Diego Comic-Con to plant my flag professionally. I walked into those places that summer and overcame my anxieties and inner fears to network more than AT&T.

And damned if it didn't work. I was spotted with company presidents, NFL players and movie stars... all by showing up and acting like I belonged there. That this was NOT out of my wheelhouse. And it opened up a huge series of opportunities for me.

A big part of my confidence that summer was based on the fact that I'd dropped 60 pounds en route to it. I'd gone from near 300 pounds to 239 and doing so gave me what I needed to see me through.

As I continued to look through the 2012 photos I went into some from 2013, where my previous year activities landed me spots on TV shows and conventions all across the country.

And I couldn't help but think looking back on myself like that... "Wow, I really miss that guy."

So I made the decision to get him back. With everything I've gone through, healing emotionally and mentally from it all will take some time... but in the meantime, I can get myself back physically.

My goal was to get down to 230 pounds. I chose this for two reasons. One, that's an even 100 pound loss and that just sounds cool. Secondly, hitting that mark would mark my lowest weight in the 21st Century.

Long story short, I'm writing this blog on Thursday, October 14... one day before my 46th birthday. And with that said...

I'm there.

Mission accomplished in right around 11 months. And damn I feel good.

And not just physically. I'm finding myself feeling a confidence I haven't felt in some time now. That's helped in part to life at least easing up on me a little bit, but it's in large part to me doing this for myself.

I'm beyond grateful to my family and friends for the support, and to the Drew Show for serving as the catalyst... the thing I needed to hear to set forth the series of events that led me here.

Been asked to death on social media over the past 11 months about how I did it. It's honestly not that complicated.

The first key was cutting out processed sugar. This meant no more sugary sodas, no matter how much I like them. This meant no more Nutter Butter brand cookies coming home from the store. This also meant checking labels, as that stuff hides in a lot of things, people.

Beyond that, it's small steps that add up. Smaller lunch portions. Skipping snacks or replacing them with something healthier. Not having seconds, no matter how good the meal was.

Also, having a cheat meal once every 7 to 10 days. Just one shot as a reward.

But most of all, it's deciding that I wanted it. More than anything, if you don't decide you want something for yourself you'll never get there. I might love a big plate of wings and a pitcher of cold beer after a long day, but I love myself and my family more.

Sharing my weight loss journey started as nothing more than personal accountability. Figuring that putting it out there would keep me on track.

But over the past several months, I've had many others tell me that my journey inspired them to start on their own, even charting their own progress to me along with my own weekly updates.

That not only feels good to know, but it sort of shows how social media and arts and entertainment can do good when used properly. Drew's show inspired me to do something that led to a decision to better myself. My journey from there has inspired others to do better for themselves as well.

That's what this is all about... or should be, anyway.

Next step is to stay around this weight but tone up and burn off the rest of the lingering jiggle while doing so. Perhaps in 11 more months, I'll blog about that, too.

In the meantime, let's go kick some ass.

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