• Patrick Scott Patterson

I Miss Anticipation

It never had to be major. Anything would suffice.

Younger generations might not even know what the hell I'm talking about here, but people of a certain age do.

We didn't always live in a world of instant messaging and on demand entertainment. We used to have to wait for things, and that wait made for a good time in and of itself.

The wait for that new magazine issue to come in the mail, or the holiday catalog. You'd check the mail with excitement each day, having set aside time to consume it all in one shot.

Nowadays you just click on an article you probably skim and forget about as fast as spotted it.

The wait for a new episode or season of your favorite TV shows, which you could only watch at a specific airing time on a specific day. You'd plan around it. If you missed it, you may never see it, unless you or someone you know taped it... and that wasn't cheap at first.

Now you get entire seasons of shows you can watch all at once, when you feel like it or can manage the time.

Or that new record or CD or VHS movie. You picked it up, but you couldn't enjoy it yet. Not until you got home anyway, unless you were fancy enough to have a way to play it on you.

Now you click on a playlist and stick in your earbuds.

The wait for someone who brings you joy to call you on the phone or even better, write you a letter or a card. Either one was an event someone would take time out for... plan around.

Now you just drop a quick text or slide into someone's DMs on the spot. And hell, they might not even see it for a while.

I honestly think this is a big part of why social media and people in general these days seem to be so damn cynical. Why they seem to consume more entertainment than ever yet seem to enjoy almost none of it. Why communication is easier than ever yet people seem to be worse than ever in engaging in it.

Everything's too instant. Too generic. Too easy, as a result, to go in and out of one's mind and be forgotten moments later.

I think the build up was part of the fun. You appreciate it more when you have to wait for it, and I don't even think the Internet generation knows what that means.

I'm constantly seeking it. I'm finding it hard to find.

And I miss it. Don't you?

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