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Blogging on this site aims to be positive, but sometimes you have to address unpleasant things.

Today, I'm doing one I've been wanting to have time to write for a little while now.

Off and on over the past few years, Pat Contri - known "professionally" as Pat the NES Punk - has publicly posted claims against me to his online audience. He refers to these posts as "news reports" but in my opinion, they do not qualify as such.

Contri claims to have journalistic integrity. He has often taken aim at people for what he calls "lazy journalism" practices.

Yet he does not appear to practice what he preaches.

I've never had a conversation of any length with Contri. He does not know me personally and we have never directly worked together professionally, so he has no insight into anything related to me personally or professionally that isn't public knowledge.

And for full disclosure, I reveal very little about my personal and professional life online. Maybe 10 percent at most. At any given time, there's a lot of activity and irons in the fire that stay behind the curtain until or unless there's something ready or necessary to share publicly.

At no time has Pat Contri ever reached out to me before doing his "news reports" on me or my alleged activities. Not one phone call. Not one email. Nothing. And in speaking with other people within the video game industry, this seems to be a habit of his with several others he has targeted at various times.

That is not "news" nor "journalistic integrity" at work. Basic journalistic practice would be to reach out to a person for context or comment before making claims about them. Legally, this is the recommended way to go, too. Stating and publishing remarks about another person without making an attempt to confirm them first is negligent defamation.

Now I know we live in a world today where people believe what they want to believe. I could sit here and cite detail after detail in response to Contri's claims but it would do no good. Anyone who wants to believe a person like that is going to do so no matter what... that is the way of the social media era.

But regardless of what anyone might think of me, I think it's fair to ask why a trusted source of "news and information" like Contri would refuse to even attempt to adhere to basic journalistic standards and practices. I know I would be concerned if someone I trusted for valid and accurate information was revealed to have failed and/or avoided to take part in the most basic expectations of "news" reporting.

I mean, hell... my phone number and email information is publicly available.

I personally think it's in response to me being openly critical of Contri in the past.

One of the times was over how little I saw him work at a convention we were both booked to appear on, despite his claims to me prior about being "too busy" to take part in something I invited him to be part of. The other time, I felt he was being hypocritical about something.

That second time was where Contri knocked an episode of Storage Wars. He ripped into the show for featuring a video game locker and claiming that such a thing would "falsely raise prices" on retro video games. He knocked those who take part in reality treasure hunting shows as well.

I felt this was hypocritical of him as I recalled Contri appearing on Pawn Stars, supposedly to sell his Nintendo World Championships cartridges. I didn't think he had a valid reason to state what he stated about the Storage Wars episodes when he'd done what he did on Pawn Stars.

Interestingly enough, he recently knocked Pawn Stars for that very same thing again, claiming the show sets up video game bits on their show to "artificially inflate the value of retro video games" and I find that hypocritical as hell given that the first person I ever saw go on Pawn Stars to do that WAS Pat Contri.

To know me is to know I'm blunt but fair with my opinions. I didn't state my opinions on Contri out of any personal dislike. My opinions were based on what I observed first-hand. But my opinion is that he did take them personally as well, as he very coldly ignored me any time we crossed paths after that.

Which leads me to my opinion that his "news reports" on me are based on that as well. I believe he saw an opportunity to spin a narrative that makes someone critical of him look as bad as possible. Again, that is my opinion. I'm not accusing... name calling or claiming I'm "reporting" anything here. I'm giving my personal opinion, just as I have before.

There's a big difference there. Opinions are not defamatory. Inaccurate "news stories" with zero attempt made to research all the information necessary to complete an unbiased "news story" very much is.

I don't expect this blog to change a damn thing about Contri's unprofessional habits, nor does it make a difference to me anymore. I am not presently working in the video game space and anything I do choose to take on in that space again will be extremely limited in scope. My focus in life is elsewhere.

This is being posted simply to raise the point that one should never trust a "news story" in which the "reporter" avoided and/or failed to contact the subject of the story for context and comment first. Period.

If you are a fan of his, I think it would be fair to ask him why he didn't. Why would a man of "journalistic integrity" run with a story he only had 2 percent of the facts about without even taking 20 seconds out of his life to drop an email?

And why should you trust a person like that as a source of information at all?

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