• Patrick Scott Patterson

The Elephant in the Room

Rudy J. Ferretti.

Odds are if you've searched my name, you've heard that name, too.

Rudy was a stalker. One that harassed and threatened me and my family for over eight years. In August 2020, he murdered his ex-girlfriend Amy Molter before turning the gun on himself.

Reading this news brought me shock, but not because I was surprised about it. I said for years that I felt Ferretti was potentially dangerous. He clearly had some mental issues and society as it exists today simply never wants to believe a person is capable of such acts.

Rudy was made worse by others online. The false narrative types that seem to exist only to get a negative reaction from people they don't even know but claim to be experts on. They loved to wind him up with misinformation - even fabrications - so he'd go harder after those he was fixated on.

Some did it for some form of sick amusement. Others because they had their own perceived beefs with myself and others and wanted to him to their dirty work for them.

I won't act like I didn't react or respond at times, but be honest... it was not a "back and forth" by any means. I responded once for every 100 or so posts, blogs, videos, etc. he'd aim at me... most of them the purest form of delusional fixation. If I could go back and do it over again, I'd have never responded at any point, as it's not like it helped anything.

The news of his murder-suicide put me into a month long purse of repressed emotions. Sorry for Amy's family and friends. Anger at authorities that wouldn't or couldn't do anything all those times he issued threats. Frustration that my life ever had to contain a person like that. A sense of freedom knowing that I'd never have to worry about him again, which would send me right back to the first part again.

Society needs to take mental health seriously, especially when someone like Ferretti - who would brandish knives and guns in YouTube videos and live streams - is clearly laying out what he is capable of in plain sight. I mean, people actually gave this guy's delusions support. Even gave him a platform at times.

Truth is, if it wasn't Amy, it could have been me. Or members of my family. Or dear friends. Or even one of the very people who worked so hard to wind him up all the time.

It was always going to be someone.

Not helping? The fact that websites like YouTube still have this guys rants and obsessive attacks on others posted up for anyone to watch. So even in death, he could incite those with similar issues at any time.

Society - and online platforms - need to do better.

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