Patterson as Scott Phoenix in 2004

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A dark time in his life. A 100+ pound weight loss journey. A return to television followed by a return to the pro wrestling ring.

It's been a long journey for Patrick Scott Patterson, who will be returning to the ring as Scott Phoenix at Dentonpalooza on October 22, just one week after his 47th birthday. 

Inspired by a remark in a fall 2020 episode of the Drew Barrymore Show, Patterson has spent the past two years working on his health and well being, physically, mentally and emotionally.  

An appearance in the second season of Action Figure Adventure - a television documentary series - drops on October 19. Then just three days later, Patterson will take on an opponent in the XCW Wrestling ring during a music festival headlined by Deep Blue Something, most famous for their early 90's hit "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Patterson opened up with a long-form version of his journey, the inspiration for it all and how he hopes to inspire others with it all on his Facebook. You can find that full post here. 

About Patrick Scott Patterson

PSP is a professional treasure hunter and picker by trade. His online store We Got One is based in Denton, TX and features over 5,000 items from pop culture collectibles to rare items of all kinds. Patterson has also worked in the television and film industry for 24 years, with well over 40 credits on IMDb. Most recently, he is featured in the second season of Action Figure Adventure, which drops on October 19. He also recently shot an appearance for an established show due to air in Spring 2023 and will appear in the documentary film Faking Filmation, which is currently in pre-production.

About Scott Phoenix

Patterson performed as a professional wrestler from 1998-2009, best known as Scott Phoenix. His home promotion was Denton's XCW Wrestling, which ran off of McKinney Street from 2001-2004 before moving to a larger building off of Fort Worth Drive for many more years. Phoenix was one of XCW's most popular stars, winning the company's Ironman title a record five times, their Tag Team championship twice and their Television title once. XCW Wrestling closed shop in 2009 but ran a show in 2019 that aimed to serve as a revival, only for plans to be put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. XCW's appearance at Dentonpalooza marks the first show for the company since.

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