Pro Wrestling

I was fascinated with pro wrestling growing up. The Freebirds. Bruiser Brody. Rowdy Roddy Piper. Macho Man Randy Savage. They were all real world super heroes to me, and despite having the natural athletic ability of a number 2 pencil... I dreamed of one day stepping through the ropes myself.

In 1998, I finally did so. I debuted in September 1998 and kicked around for a couple of years through a number of promotions across the south with mixed results. Spent most of 2001 out with a neck injury before returning as Scott Phoenix, later nicknamed the "Hardcore Kingpin" by fans in my home promotion of XCW Wrestling in Denton, TX.

As Scott Phoenix, I had the honor of working with a variety of talents, including highly successful names such as Hernandez, Paul London and the Necro Butcher. Phoenix worked up to a main event talent across the Lone Star State - both as a hero in XCW and a villain everywhere else. 

Flanked by my wife in the role of Lady Draven and often teaming with Drunk Adam to battle veteran pairings such as Team Extreme, there wasn't a style of match Scott Phoenix didn't take on at various points in time. 

I hung up the boots full time in 2005, working in other spots such as commentary, managing and sometimes returning to the ring. It was here that I learned the basics of television production, which served me well in other areas after my time in wrestling drew to a close.

In 2014, I began occasional appearances under my real name as a color commentator for IHWE Wrestling, a role I also served for much of a NWA Parade of Champions event in 2016. 

In 2019, I laced up my boots once more a surprise entrant in a battle royal as XCW Wrestling returned, eliminating four grapplers before being eliminated. This appearance was the first and only done more for my kids to see what dad used to do than it was done for myself, and it was of great joy to me. 

Scott Phoenix lives on in some forms of media out there, including the DVD release of XCW Wrestling's Battlebox 7. It also lives on in the photo gallery below, with many photos taken by my late friend Kevin Haggard, a great photographer that captured the moment seen with this write-up. 

Those who saw it all hold different opinions of my time in the ring, but either way they are still talking about it to this day. 

Cage Match photo by Kevin Haggard
One Time Only
Phoenix VS Adam
Screw Tradition
Adam VS Phoenix
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One Last Time
Kit Carson
The Chokeslam
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