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Patrick Scott Patterson at E3

About Me

Hello There!

I'm glad you are able to stop by. My name is Patrick Scott Patterson, or Scott to my friends. 

All my life, I've chased dreams and worked hard to have the kind of life that never leaves me wondering "what if" later on. For over two decades, these adventures have brought me into television and film on both sides of the camera. And I'm always up for more. 

My first work in this space came in the late 1990s and early 2000s during my run as a professional wrestler known as "The Hardcore Kingpin" Scott Phoenix. This taught me very quickly how to be larger than life on camera in more ways than one. For my last few years in the wrestling business, I slid into roles that were behind the camera, teaching me more than I realized about what it takes to produce such things.

This somehow led me into working with NBCUniversal's G4tv at E3 2009, a live television event that somehow felt like what I was destined for. This experience parlayed into various work in the video game industry space for a number of years, including speaking engagements at conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con and SXSW and additional work with both E3 and NBCUniversal. 

In turn, this created opportunities to appear in a long list of video game documentary films and television shows, but my scope wasn't limited to just that topic, with credits ranging from a cooking competition series to a show for The Weather Channel. More recently, I've shot for film and television productions about a wider range of pop culture topics, including cartoons and classic toy lines. 

In addition to work in this space, I also run a business called We Got One in Denton, TX. We Got One is an online shop for collectibles, antiques and items of interest of all kinds. We scour thrift shops, yard sales, storage locker auctions, estate sales and just about everywhere else to find fresh inventory. With all the treasure hunting shows on television today, I figure it's a matter of time before this profession crosses paths with the other.

If you haven't already, click that Home button on the menu up there to get a look at my selected filmography and look around that front page for more on me. Or, if you want to check out my full body of work in television and film, click here to go to my IMDb page. 

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